Future Crazy Cat Person

​Age 7: "If I could have a superpower, I would FLY"

Age 27: "If I could have a superpower, it would just be to not have any allergies" 

Age 32: "I found my cure a Siberian!!" 

Thank goodness for Hypoallergenic Qualities!

Siberians are known for being Hypoallergenic for many people. This is due to low occurrences of the glycol-protein enzyme called FeD1 in their saliva.

Most people "allergic to cats" can handle these levels of protein which is transferred to the coat by self-grooming. 


Since we understand that there are allergy sufferers, we strive to provide a happy and comfortable environment for both owner and feline. With this situation, we ask for those who suffer from allergies to come spend some quality time interacting with our tribe. Should your visit go well, we offer a 48 hour trial period to ensure a reaction does not occur as we do understand the reaction time can vary from each individual.