Svetlanasibr Zeus At Emberview

' Its not possible to either trick or escape the mind of Zeus'

zues 1.jpg

DOB: September 29 2016

SBT: 092916 079

In 2017 our friendly Zeus made the long haul from Alberta to Ontario at only seven months old. 


Since then he has grown into a friendly, lovable, sociable, companion and most of all a personality like no other. Much like a dog he greets you at the door, thankfully he has respect and doesn't jump up. He loves attention and makes it known with his purrrrr. 

His vivid baby blues and the dark features make him stand out. With his perky ears and a wave of his tail even non-cat lovers can't help but adore him. 

During his free time he likes to play with the feather string, perch over his ladies and bask in the sun on this throne. He's adventurous and agile but kind and patient to the youngsters just starting out. 

Sire: Svetlanasibr Nakeisha 

  • SBT 051910 029

Dam Svetlanasibr Dazshkina

  • SB 101010 072