Svetlanasibr I Luv Lucy At Emberview

DOB: September 9 2016

SBT: 090916 070


Lucy is truly your stereotypical cat. She prefers her own company until she trust her humans. With making the big journey from Alberta, being the youngest and her independent nature it took her some time to come around. However now even she gets upset if she doesn't have your full attention. She is a smart and resourceful cat, who enjoys testing the limits and seeing how far she can push herself. Her quirky and strong willed attitude makes her fun to be around, and provides great entertainment when watching her play with others. 

Sire: Goldendawn Valmirko of Svetlanasibr

  • SBT 102114 074

Dam: Svetlanasibr Tatyana

  • SBT 030214 009



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