Svetlanasibr Lola Dancer At Emberview 

lola 3_edited.jpg
lucy lola.jpg

DOB: August 29 2016

SBT: 082916 083


Lola's easy going and personable demeanor made it easy for her to bond with her travel mates, Zeus and Lucy, all the way from Alberta, Canada. When she arrived, she was the spunky adventurous one, who helped the others make the transition to their new home a little easier. She's glamorous and a stunner to look at, with her undertones of red and her shimmering green eyes.  Her overly friendliness is not only directed towards felines; she loves anyone who is willing to give her attention, she is affectionate and loves to show she cares.  


Shes active and loves the catch. She can be found pouncing on her mouse, spinning in circles to catch the feather, or encouraging active play with the others. However with Lola, the one thing we can not deny is her special connection to those she loves. Regardless of felines or people she is always right there for those who need her bright aura. 

Sire: Goldendawn Valmirko of Svetlanasibr

  • SBT 102114 074

Dam: Svetlanasibr Whizkaz 

  • SBT 032510 041