A Little History

Russian Wonders 

Siberians first became a formal breed to the United States in the 1990's. Through originally seen as identified breed in the 1980's in Russia and is native to the country. Since then the breeds personality traits and disposition have become very population through out the world. It is said that their genetics have been traced back to all modern long haired cats. The average Siberian weights between 10 to 20 pounds, females being on the lower side of the scale. The average height of a Siberian is 17 to 25 inches, due to the delayed maturity it may take up to their 5th year to fully physically mature.  They have many similarities to the Norwegian Forest Cat. With their long thick but breathable coats they can adjust to cooler climates. With their unique textured glossy coat structure, unlike most cats, Siberians have a lessen potential for matting and only moult twice a year, which is typically triggered by the change in day length. They are also known for the tuffs on the point of their ears. With their powerful, agile muscular structure they can be found perching in trees or peeking from windows. Even through they are true forest cats and enjoy the hunt, they are truly a one of the most affectionate and lovable breeds you will find.